Best Movies To Binge Watch If Mediumship And Psychic Studies Fascinate You!


Do you like premonitions, dreamy guesses, and foretelling in movies? They might seem a fantasy and too good to be true, but never fail to grip us till the end. Of course, they are more interesting if any of their stories relate to real-life events, whose news might have thrilled us to know more.

Have you ever come across any such real-life psychic encounters? Here are a few recommendations to binge-watch if you wish to know all about the theories and how they are solved!

Conjuring and Anabelle series (2013-2021)

The top recommendation must be the series portraying the most celebrated psychic reading couple Ed and Lorraine Warren of New England Society for Psychic Research. The movie ”Conjuring” is reportedly a film about the real-life incident of the Perron family of Rhode Island. The sequels also collect such similar instances.

The story revolves around the supernatural appearances of haunted spirits, and the famous ghost-hunting Warren couple is called to resolve the case. For the psychic action lovers, it is a promising show to enjoy how Lorraine senses the dead spirits in the basement and tries to communicate with them.


You mighty sure can expect to discover a lot about the new methods and the whole process of how such mediumship practices are carried on. In several searches, you can also find the Anabelle series tagging along with these movies, which form a complete package of seven thrillers to enjoy!

Final destination series (2000-2011)

If you think premonition and sixth sense actually work, these stories might seem no less than a happening reality to you. All five movies apparently begin with an accident that leaves out a group of survivors. The lead protagonist (one among the group) always has a premonition that the survivors should have been dead but are left away mistakenly.

The story subsequently revolves around the lead having prior intuitions on how they would die then after and how the group fights to overcome the death’s snare.

Apart from motion pictures, the series also has a collection of two comics and nine novels by several authors. All these books and movies portray out real-life circumstances where mystic intuitions can possibly prove correct.

Insidious series (2010-2018)

This series is a set of four different movies power-packed with intuition, psychic reading, and different forms of mediumship and spirit channeling.

Insidious series

The stories begin with the usual fictional setting of horror or supernatural script with a family or lead protagonist burdened by supernatural occurrences around them that might be due to the impression of an occult over their surroundings.

Every film has two or more characters capable of communicating with the spirits while using different methods of channeling to interact with them and transfer to other fictional dimensions.

In a nutshell

These movies are certainly spooky and horror-filled with a fair dosage of chills, ghost appearances, and thrilling supernatural occurrences. Apart from these series, several standalone movies or serials like those adapted from Stephen King’s books or Tom Cruise’s Minority Report are also available to enjoy and explore. Many are surely fictional creations, but they rely on the real principles and showcase the actual procedures that were popular in the study.