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A.B.K’s leather products are hand crafted by Alya and Katya Kazakevich using domestically sourced, vegetable tanned leather. Originally hailing from Belarus, they’ve been calling New York home for almost a decade. Their unique designs combine urban style with a sense of simplicity and nostalgia.

Handmade in New York City, New York.

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in the studio with a.b.k.

august 16, 2016

Walking into the a.b.k. studio in Chinatown, New York, we are flooded by the undeniable smell of leather, and we deeply breathe it in. As our eyes adjust in the dimly lit room, we see rolls of leather in warm caramels, olives, and deep walnut browns piled on shelves against the wall. The small studio is filled with leather bags, keychains, bracelets, books, chairs, and pairs of shoes in neat rows. As endearing and humble as her studio, Katya Kazakevich welcomes us in, casually addressing her project at hand. "Oh, I've had the same pair of oxford shoes for about six years now, and they're all beat up, so I'm just making myself a new pair." continue reading ⇒