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letter from karen

I have always appreciated artisans… admired their ability to create something beautiful and unique with the talents they possess. Growing up, I experienced firsthand the gifts shared by family members who passionately pursued architecture, art, and interior design. They were thoughtful and intentional with their vision and implementation, while their process and product showed integrity, skill, and talent.

My family members influenced me to have a more critical eye for an aesthetic composed of balance and beauty, detail and quality—for that I will forever be grateful.

Over the years, it has brought me great joy to discover and support talented artisans, designers, florists, and textile manufacturers. I love seeing what people are capable of and how their creativity can beautify and bring comfort and joy to our homes and our lives. 

We are mindful about our selections. We care about where things come from, how they are made and the story behind each product. We seek to maintain a level of beauty and simplicity in each item we offer.

It takes a lot to pull together the work of several hundred artisans into a singular location and web store, and we make it all happen with a small, talented team. Utilizing each team member’s unique creative energies and passions, we make the experience exactly what we want it to be –  from the designer who creates our branding materials, to the visual merchandiser who creates displays that truly highlight the beauty of the artisan’s work, to the team on the sales floor who can teach you about the history of how each item is made— we take an artisan approach to everything we do.

It is this lens through which we bring you k colette. Welcome!

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Karen Burke, Owner

our mission

"Whenever you are creating beauty around you, you are restoring your own soul."- Alice Walker

At k colette, we believe that quality, handmade products connect us to beauty, joy, and awe, opening us to an important part of what it means to be human. Quality products tell a story about each artisan who crafted them. Through their work, our artisans communicate who they are, what they find beautiful, and what inspires them. Ultimately, they give a part of themselves.

We believe that we celebrate the passion of our artists and artisans and bring that beauty, joy, and awe into our lives when we surround ourselves with handmade products we have thoughtfully chosen.

sourcing from near and far

While we are committed to Portland, Maine, as the sole brick and mortar location for k colette, we take great joy in exploring our state, our country, and the globe to bring the most beautiful artisanal made items home to share with you. Our passion will always be to find unique and thoughtful craftsmanship wherever we travel, for we believe that harmony is created when the work of many artists come together, bound by the unifying markers of beauty and quality.