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autumn cipala pottery

Based in Mid-Coast Maine, Autumn Cipala creates engaging and feminine ceramic pieces. Autumn’s accolades are extensive and her work emanates that expertise. Drawing inspiration from historical techniques and various cultures, Autumn strives to create pieces that engage the viewer. Each piece is coated in a soft, inviting glaze that encourages one to linger in its simplistic elegance. 

Handmade in Rockland, Maine

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In the Studio with Autumn Cipala | k colette

in the studio with autumn cipala

june 26, 2015

As we arrived at Autumn Cipala’s studio in Rockland, Maine, we were immediately swept up into the industrious calm of this creative space. Autumn is a potter with an expert hand at creating the delicately simple and solid, while paying homage to the pleasing aesthetic of different cultures. Her creations speak for themselves. Stacked high on gray shelves, her finished works gleam with the confidence of a 100-year old maple, secure in its function and beauty, while defined by its vulnerability.