manny & simon
airplane wooden push toy

Manny & Simon’s mission is to maintain a clean, simple aesthetic while creating high-quality products that stimulate the never-ending imaginations of children. Committed to environmental and social responsibility, they use organic and eco-friendly materials. The body of each push toy is made with post-industrial recycled wood, and the wheels are made from sustainably-managed solid wood. Paint is non-toxic and contains zero VOCs and carcinogens. With four wheels for takeoff and a spinning front propeller, this airplane push toy engages little hands and minds in imaginative, interactive play. Handmade in California.

• 7.75" long x 3.75" tall x 6.5" wide
• 100% American domestically grown, pre-consumer reclaimed wood
• Non-toxic, zero VOC paint
• Easy-to-grasp design for pushing and picking up toy
• Best for ages 1+

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