molly maps
casco bay print #18 by molly maps

Molly Brown is a visual artist and geographer from Orono, Maine. Molly's education studying cartography and human geography has taken her around the world, exploring the value of map making for both individuals and cultures. She has also guided international enrichment trips with students, traveling to Mongolia, Russia, China, Japan, and South Africa. During her travels, she began making small pen and ink map drawings on scraps of paper, enthralled by the idea of how we interpret and understand our sense of place. Upon Moving back to Maine with her husband and two young children, Molly is now creating full time, focusing her energy on painting and printmaking. The mission of her work is to help us form a deeper connection to the world around us. Her maps and geographical paintings celebrate the importance of place and honor the strength, imperfection, adaptability, and resiliency of the natural world. These depictions of Maine's Casco Bay feature boat and water icons, meant to connect the viewer to a personal memory. Painted in Maine.

• 10" x 10"
• Original monoprint on paper
• Signed by artist