laura fuller
celestial navigation I, ode to cornell

Maine artist, Laura Fuller, works in stained glass, incorporating found objects in her complex glass pieces. Each object is a reflection of life — past, present, and future. These objects, once useful, become lost in drawers, underground, in the ocean, now newly reborn and part of a different whole. Each unique relief expresses not only her story, but also those of the objects incorporated. Her angels are inspired by her daughter, offering protection to those who cherish them. Built inside the walls of an antiqued wooden frame, this sculpture is built from found objects in various shades of blue, green, and clear glass. Perfectly suited to hang in a window looking out to the sky or sea, it celebrates the importance of the sun, moon, stars, and planets in helping us understand our place in the universe. Handmade in Maine.

• 11.5" wide x 14" tall x 1.75" deep
• Sculpted and welded metal, glass objects, wooden frame
• Hanging fixtures attached to top
• One-of-a-kind
• Gift wrapping is always on us!

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