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glass cloche

Louis Marie Aubert du Petit Thouars was a pioneer in French botany. Exiled to Madagascar during the French Revolution, he made history by compiling a collection of over 2,000 plants and returning to France where he was elected to the Acadèmie des Sciences. His great-granddaughter, Marie, grew up in Belgium making candles and experimenting with scents in her mother’s greenhouse. She’s built upon the botanical history of her family with fragrances that focus on illustrious scents imbued with floral blends. This glass cloche provides protection from dust and outside elements while the candle is not in use. Not only does it preserve the integrity of the candle, it serves as a beautiful decorative piece for the home. Made in California.

• 5.5” tall with 5” bas
• Do not burn candle while glass lid is on.
• Gift wrapping is always on us!

category: cloches

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