sanborn canoe company
gooseberry canoe paddle

Cousins, Zak and Todd, both grew up in Minnesota. Inspired by their woodworking grandfather who, before they were born, built his own wooden canoe, the cousins decided to try their hand a cedar-strip canoe. After that came the paddles. Finding that they had a passion for carving, they set out to find their niche in the paddling community. Today they make some of the finest, hand-carved, hand-painted paddles in North America, each one made in their small workshop in Winona, Minnesota. These beautiful paddles are not only graceful in the water, but also a great accent piece in your summer cabin. The Gooseberry paddle is inspired by a gorgeous little spot on Lake Superior's north shore. Handmade and hand-painted in Winona, Minnesota.

• Blade is 6.5" wide x 26" long, entire paddle is 58" long
• Crafted from Cherry wood, oiled with SPAR varnish over paint
• Classic beavertail shape with a long, tapered grip for a balanced feel
• Unfortunately, this item cannot be gift wrapped due to size

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