bolé road
hela lumbar pillow

Compelled to connect her work as a New York interior designer to her Ethiopian heritage, Hana Getachew began her textile company, Bolé Road. Ethiopian weavers bring Hana's hand-sketched patterns to life with traditional methods. By using sets of sticks, yarns on a loom are lifted manually, requiring an immense amount of time and skill. Bolé Road strives to provide revitalization to the Ethiopian economy, and pay personal homage to the talents, traditions, and spirit of its people. In Konso, every age group, or 'Hela', plays an integral role within the community. Each passing generation is marked by a special ceremony in the village. The Hela Lumbar Pillow represents the many layers of generations that form the enduring fabric of their community. Handmade in Konso, Ethiopia.

• 12" tall x 18" wide
• Color: purple, cobalt, blue, hunter green
• 50% polyester, 50% acrylic with 100% cotton lining
• Lush feather/down insert included
• Reversible – pattern is on both the front and the back