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Textile designer, John Robshaw first fell in love with fabric-making traditions in China. The vitality of textiles dyed, printed, and stitched, piqued a lifelong fascination. In India, John found that he could blend his own painterly style with the method of block printing. “I take inspiration from what I see and do there. When you look at my textiles, it’s like you’ve been around the world with me.” This book is a fascinating look at the inspiration behind John's signature style and a detailed explanation about the block printing techniques used to create his much loved line. The photographs are stunning and intimate, providing an authentic protrayal of the rich tradition of textile printing. Written by John Robshaw and Elizabeth Garnsey. Published by Chronicle.

• 12.25" tall x 9.5" wide x 1" deep
• Full-color photographs, screenprinted cover

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