papier à êtres
linen tube lantern

These enchanting sculpted paper light fixtures are the work of Frédéric Guibrunet and Sophie Mouton-Perrat. After discovering their mutual love for paper and their different, but complimentary skills, they began collaborating as Papier à êtres. Each handmade creation has a whimsical and almost magical quality, constructed from natural paper, wire and glue. Papier à êtres has captured the hearts of galleries, shops, and boutiques around the world. This round lantern is a beautiful piece of sculpture when hanging and gives a soft warm glow to a bedroom or living space. Handmade in Paris.

• 13" tall x 6" wide
• Comes with lightbulb
• Papier maché construction out of natural linen material
• This lantern is handmade, natural variations may occur