john robshaw
primrose clay pillow

Celebrated textile designer, John Robshaw, first fell in love with fabric-making traditions in China. The vitality of textiles dyed, printed, woven, and stitched piqued a lifelong fascination. In India, John found that he could blend his own painterly style with the traditional method of block-printing for textiles that are fresh, yet timeless. “I take inspiration from what I see and do there. I develop relationships with the people who are teaching me. When you look at my textiles, it’s like you’ve been on the world tour with me.” John first came across the amazing folk textiles of Barmer and Biknir on a dusty road trip through Rajasthan and decided that block printed versions of that delicate embroidery would be a fun idea. The Primrose Clay pillow preserves the essence of this unique form of needlework by adding hand work and mirrors. Handmade in India.

• 20" x 20"
• 100% down pillow insert by John Robshaw
• Hand block printed
• Hand stitched edging
• Hidden zipper closure
• 55% linen, 45% cotton
• Care Instructions: Remove insert, dry clean only.

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