dbO Home
salt & pepper cellar

dbO Home is the design studio of husband and wife creative team Dana Brandwein Oates and Daniel Oates. Founded in 2007 in their Connecticut studio, the couple has grown dbO Home from a small collection of handmade ceramics to a large line that includes dinnerware, serve ware, lighting, and furniture – all handmade. Their aim is to help create a timeless and luxurious space that makes everyday rituals, like a morning cup of coffee, a little more comfortable. To create the small salt and pepper bowls, artisans pounded a piece of clay into this organic shape and then cast it in porcelain. Accompanied by a walnut wood tray, these small bronze salt and pepper bowls will add just the right amount of shimmer to any festive occasion. Made in Connecticut.

• Salt & pepper bowls are 2" in diameter and 1.3" tall
• Tray is 5.8" wide x 3.5" long x .5" tall
• Walnut wood
• Gift wrapping is always on us!