susu littles
sunset swan rag doll, tall

Indira Villalobos-Starr, creator of the SuSu Littles Collection, believes that giving homemade goods made from recycled materials is part of setting a positive example for the next generation. In doing so, she discourages the production of new materials while encouraging the love, care, and creativity that goes into hand-made products. These whimsical dolls carry the soul and history of their many storied pasts, interwoven into the fibers of the up-cycled clothing from which they are created. The Sunset Swan rag doll is soft and cuddly for a young child and timeless to keep as an heirloom at any age. Handmade in New York.

• 21" tall
• Cotton/linen body with hypo-allergenic corn fiberfill
• Metallic linen/tulle dress, cashmere hair, and hand-stitched facial detailing
• Most suitable for ages 3+
• Limited edition with children's clothing designer, Two Els
• This product is handmade, slight variations may occur
• Gift wrapping is always on us!

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