square trade goods co.
tobacco black pepper candle

When Alan Long started making candles, it was just as a fun project trying to capture "the greatest smell ever" - an authentic campfire. Inspired by the idea of making something by hand and uninspired by his day job, Alan launched forward with his own company. Committed to staying connected to the process, ingredients, and people involved, Alan makes every candle by hand, and collaborates with other independent artists for each new product he creates. Earthy and substantive, this scent layers the mellow woodsiness of fresh cut tobacco leaves and spicy black pepper on a clean base of vetiver. Handmade in Virginia.

• 8 oz.
• Natural US grown soy wax
• Scented with tobacco, pepper, and vetiver
• Stylish brown glass with resealable cap
• 55 hour burn time
• Hand-poured