yoshii by morihata
tricolor chambray hand towel

Made in Imbari, Japan, Yoshii towels are unlike any you’ve seen before – soft to the skin, pleasing to the eye, and gentle to the earth. Traditionally woven, and made of the finest cotton, the secret to their softness is in the careful process of cultivating the cotton. The fibers are created using hand-picked raw materials and then twisted into thread using an intensive, multi-step method. Each towel is absorbent, fast drying, and soft enough for a newborn baby. The Tricolor Chambray Towel by Yoshii comes in four different colors with a graphic pattern that starts with a classic stripe on one end of the towel and then transitions to white and three solid color blocks, creating beautiful tones and variety within the design. Made in Japan.

• 13" wide x 31.5" long
• 100% cotton
• Gift wrapping is always on us!

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