us apothecary by k hall designs
juniper & geranium bubble bath

Created by Kelley Hall-Barr and her husband John, US Apothecary products are inspired by age-old methods and the timeless scents of apothecary practices that have existed for decades. Herbs, spices, roots, and flowers are combined to create this collection of soothing moisturizers, gentle cleansers and home fragrances. Each time-honored recipe is researched in order to provide the most authentic scents, properties and packaging using historic, natural, and organic ingredients. This vintage inspired line is housed in sturdy wine, spirit, and aperitif bottles, great for repurposing. This Juniper and Geranium scented line is great for men and women alike. Geranium oil has been said to work to slow the signs of aging, tightening skin and distributing melanin to keep a consistent color. Juniper has antiseptic and astringent properties and is often used to treat skin blemishes. The cooling properties of mint are known to relieve stress. The Juniper & Geranium Bubble Bath makes for a restorative and relaxing bath. Made in Missouri.

• 16 oz.
• Reusable bottle is 9.5" tall and 3" wide