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vintage indigo sachet

Childhood friends Claire Russo and Liza Serratore reunited while living in China, where they became enthralled with the rich history of textile art. Their one-of-a-kind accessories are hand-sewn using vintage fabrics from Northern China. In the Nankeen tradition, fabric is screen printed with soybean paste, submerged in a natural indigo bath, and set in the sun. Removing the paste reveals the intricate traditional motifs that celebrate health, prosperity, and good luck. These sachets are truly one-of-a-kind, carrying original designs unique to the Chinese aesthetic. Place them in your suitcase, closet, drawer, or vehicle for a natural air freshener. Sewn in New York.

• 5" tall x 5" wide
• Sold individually
• Prewashed vintage cotton
• Hand-dyed with a natural indigo in Shanghai over 50 years ago
• Filled with dried natural French lavender, or balsam needles from Maine
• Hand wash with water as needed
• Gift wrapping is always on us!


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