simpatico by k hall designs
white flower hobnail oil diffuser

Named for the Simpatico shores of Platte Lake in Northern Michigan, Simpatico’s line of products are inspired by nature and nostalgia. Pulling inspiration from vintage field guides and reference books used in childhood, Simpatico’s scents are meant to keep us connected to simpler times. Fill the whole room with a subtle floral and rosewood scent by displaying this elegant reed diffuser on a countertop or coffee table. Made in Missouri.

• 8 oz.
• 11.5" tall x 3" diameter
• Packaged in a decorative gift box with ribbon
• Shatterproof bottle is reusable as a small vase
• Amber oil storage bottle protects oil from light, prolonging scent life
• Fragranced with essential oils
• Not tested on animals
• Shop all White Flower scented items here
• Gift wrapping is always on us!


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